All bodies need to move! Help us give the gift of exercise to those who don't have easy access!

So many in our community are unable to access opportunities to get them out of the house and moving! Wounded warriors, people with special challenges, youth from under-resourced neighborhoods. Their health depends on it! Ours does too!

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Imagine that you have no opportunity for movement, for physical exercise. You are confined to a wheelchair, you can't drive and you are dependent on others to get you to your basic needs - e.g. shopping, medical care. Or perhaps you are one of our youth living in a neighborhood cut off from transportation to green areas and to our Delta waterway. Maybe you don't even know the California Delta is right here in Stockton because you've never been able to get to it - to see it, let alone be on it! Or perhaps you are a military veteran who could find peace on the Delta if you had the opportunity - it could heal you more powerfully and safely than any drug for PTSD you've been offered. At Delta Sculling Center we accept the challenge of making it possible for everyone who comes to us to get on the water - to find its peace and to take care of the health of their bodies and minds.

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